State Archives Services

Use this item to pay for State Archives services such as copies, research, scanning, microfilm duplicates, etc.  You must have already discussed your order with a member of the Archives staff before payment!

Payment is in units of $.50.  After determining the total amount due, multiply that amount by 2 to calculate the number of "units" to enter in "Qty" in your Shopping Cart.  For example, if you have $37.50 worth of copying, you would purchase a quantity of 65 units (37.50 x 2 = 65).

To complete your purchase, if you are onsite at the Archives, print your confirmation page and then give it to the Archives staff member working with you on your request.

If you are completing payment remotely, forward your order confirmation email to the archivist who is assisting you with your request or to - this email should contain the following in the Subject line: “Order #_____ confirmed” (the Order Number should be a five-digit number starting with the number 1).

You will receive an email when your credit card is charged, usually the next business day. This fulfillment notification means that your payment has been processed; it does not mean that your materials are ready.  Please contact the archivist with whom you are working to provide information about the status of your request.

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