Spring 2003

Series: Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Volume XXIX, Number 2


Keeping the Torch of Justice Burning Brightly: William P. Young
Nicole Bailey-Williams

Sowing a Wealth Uncommon
Myra K. Jacobsohn

Trainloads of Goodwill and Gratitude
Dorothy R. Scheele

Baseball's One-Armed Wonder: An Interview with the Late Great, Pete Gray
William C. Kashatus


Executive Director’s Message
John C. Wesley

Letters to the Editor

Pennsylvania Memories: My Summer in the Mill
Crystal A. Cheuvront

Current and Coming

Curator's Choice: Anchor by Stuart Davis

The National Register in Pennsylvania: Lorraine Apartments

Our Documentary Heritage: One Hundredth Anniversary of Pennsylvania State Archives

Profiles: Fred Waring (1900-1984)


Lost & Found

Marking Time: Foxburg Golf Course

Sharing the Common Wealth: Ware Prison Drawing at Pennsylvania State Archives

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