Winter 2016

Series: Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Volume XLII, Number 1



Pennsylvania Icons: State Treasures Telling the Story of the Commonwealth
Bradley Smith

The 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show: A Blue Ribbon State Fair
John K. Robinson

Old Economy Village: The Centennial of the First Site on the Pennsylvania Trails of History
Sarah Buffington

Before and After the Act: Historic Preservation in Pennsylvania
Shelby Weaver Splain, Scott Doyle and Andrea MacDonald


From the Executive Director
James M. Vaughan

Editor's Letter
Kyle R. Weaver

Our Documentary Heritage: Muriel Mitzkin Shapp, World War II Relocation Camp Educator
Richard C. Saylor

Marking Time: Lightfoot Mill (Mill at Anselma)
Karen Galle

Book Review: Braddocks' Defeat by David Preston
Douglas MacGregor

A Place in Time: Rock Ford Plantation
Dave Maher

Trailheads: 2015 Trails
Amy Killpatrick Fox

PHMC Highlights: New Dinosaur Identified and Named at The State Museum
Sean Adkins

Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation Newsletter

Wish You Were Here!: Holtwood Dam
Josh Stahlman

Sharing the Common Wealth: George Rapp's Coat and Cap
Kyle R. Weaver

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