2011 Issue Set

Series: Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

PHMC’s Annual Theme: William Penn’s Legacy: Religious and Spiritual Diversity

Winter 2011 – “The Rise and Fall of ‘Young Napoleon’” by William C. Kashatus, “Wood on Glass: The Lumber Industry Photographs of William T. Clarke” by Linda A. Ries and Harry Littell, and “’This Is a Beautiful, Bountiful Earth’: Joseph Trimble Rothrock and the Preservation of Penn's Woods” by Rebecca Diane Swanger.

Spring 2011 – “Willliam Penn's Legacy: Religious and Spiritual Diversity” by William C. Kashatus, “Sacred Places in Pennsylvania: Signs of Religious Freedom and Diversity” by Robert Jaeger, “Our First Friends, the Early Quakers” by Rae Tyson, and “Religion and Tourism: On the Road in Search of William Penn's Holy Experiment” by .John Fea. 

Summer 2011 – “Aiming for the Stars: The Forgotten Legacy of the Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory” by Willis L. Shirk Jr., “Discovering Religious Diversity Along the Pennsylvania Trails of History” by John K. Robinson, “Peter Kalm in Pennsylvania” by Myra K. Jacobsohn, and “Cultivating Piety: The Religious World of Joseph Price” John Fea.

Fall 2011 – “The Pottsville Maroons, Cheated Again and Again” by Sara Hodon, “Jimmy Stewart's Wonderful Life Began in Pennsylvania” by William C. Kashatus, “The Indefatigable Daniel Hartman Hastings” by Richard C. Saylor, and “Religion and Early Politics: Benjamin Franklin and His Religious Beliefs” by John Fea.

This issue set includes winter, spring, summer and fall issues.  Single issues are available.  

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