1993 Issue Set

Series: Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine

Winter 1993 The Little Cub That Roared By Theodore K. Thomas; No Featherweight in the Annals of Archery: The United Bowmen of Philadelphia By Joseph F. Pirro; You Can Go Home Again: An Interview with James A. Michener By Michael J. O'Malley; Central Pennsylvania's Very Own Painted Ladies By Marie Purnell Musser; Styled for Worship: The Country Churches of Northwestern Pennsylvania By John L. Marsh

Spring 1993 John O'Hara: The Child Becomes the Man By Richard Robbins; Beloved, Beleaguered, and Belittled: Ole Bull's New Norway By Paul W. Meimel; Valley Forge: Commemorating the Centennial of a National Symbol By Lorett Treese; Gettysburg: The Killer Angels Comes to the Screen By Bruce Henrickson; Plagued! Philadelphia's Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 By William C. Kashatus III

Summer 1993 Poor John Fitch, the Inventor Few Remember By Ian de Silva; An American Indian Museum for Mr. Hershey's Model Town By Lois Miklas Hartmann and James D. McMahon Jr.; Sail On, O Ship of State: An Interview with Capt. Walter Rybka of the U.S. Brig Niagara By Diane B. Reed; A Pennsylvania Yankee in King George's Court By David M. Glixon; Blues, Bloomers, and Bobbies By Barbara Gregorich


This back issue set contains the 1993 edition for winter, spring, summer.

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