A Pocket Guide to Lizards and Turtles of Pennsylvania

Walter E Meshaka, Jr. and Joseph T. Collins, with photographs by Suzanne L. Collins.

The guide documents 4 species of lizards and 13 species of turtles found in Pennsylvania.  Each entry details size, geographic range, habitat, habits, breeding, diet, conservation considerations and color photographs. 

Sponsored by The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission; Wild Resource Conservation Program, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources; Dickinson College Biology Department; Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary; Friends of Wildwood Lake Nature Center, Inc.; Liberty Environmental, Inc.; Powdermill Nature Reserve; Shippensburg University; and The Center for North American Herpetology.

About the authors:
Walter E. Meshaka, Jr. is the senior curator of zoology and biology at The State Museum of Pennsylvania. His research interest in herpetology and extensive fieldwork in Pennsylvania provided the idea and information for this booklet to encourage interest in salamanders.

The late Joseph T. Collins (1939-2012) was a dedicated herpetologist who helped write and edit this booklet before his death in January of 2012. During his lifetime he published extensively about amphibians, reptiles, and turtles. He was the director and founder of The Center for North American Herpetology. His colleagues sadly miss him.

Suzanne L. Collins is a noted wildlife photographer who, with Dr. Meshaka, completed the text and photos for this booklet.
40 pages; 3.75" x 6".

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