The Martinos: A Legacy of Art : A Legacy of Art

James McClelland. Students of the art world know families of artists such as the Peales, the Wyeths and the Calders, but there was another prominent Philadelphia family of artists - the Martinos.

The story starts with their hard-working parents who emigrated to America in the late 1800s, settling in Philadelphia to raise nine children. The seven Martino Brothers all became artists. They were Francesco, Antonio, Giovanni, Alberto, Ernesto, William and Edmund.

Author James McClelland saw this family of dedicated artists as a story that needed to be told. He embarked on a journey of research and interviews, delving into the family's history and creative accomplishments. McClelland's research revealed that this amazing family of artists is very much underrated and relatively unknown. Yet, there are numerous galleries today that champion their art with works held in many prominent museums around the country.

This 192-page book contains more than 150 illustrations and is printed in full color.

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